CEF Board and staff deplore actions that are racist and discriminatory as harmful to the well-being of all of our students and to the community. CEF fully supports the district’s commitment “to dismantling racism and other negative influences that affect our school community.” We take seriously the district’s pledge to

Reading is fundamental to the success of all students. It is the most critical academic skill because it sets the foundation for all learning. Without a strong foundation in reading, children can be left behind at the beginning of their education.  According to Nationwide Children’s, “Language and literacy develop together

The Chatham Education Foundation’s (CEF) mission is to engage our community as public school advocates and to raise funds and resources to support innovation and education excellence in the Chatham County Schools. In our continued efforts to accomplish our mission, we are pleased to announce that we awarded almost $10,000

We are in need of volunteers to help us sort books for our Books on Break program. This is an integral part of this program. If you are unable to volunteer a whole shift, that is okay…we appreciate any amount of time you are able to volunteer! December 15, 2021:8:30

School can be difficult and does not come easy or naturally for some. Establishing effective study habits at a young age will help your student to be successful throughout their academic career. It will also help reduce stress, anxiety, frustration, and save a lot of time. Studying is not just

“This is the BEST DAY EVER!” exclaimed a student from Virginia Cross Elementary.  The excitement and anticipation in the air was almost tangible in the building on selection day for our Books on Break program. The children walking the halls to their next class anxiously await their class’s turn to

Now that we are a few weeks into summer break, do you feel like the days are starting to become repetitive? Are your children bored and have nothing to do…they are tired of doing the same thing every day? And we are not even halfway through the summer…Yikes! With the

A new tradition at baby showers, in the past few years, has been to bring a book, instead of a card, as a  gift to the expecting parents. I LOVE this idea! It helps to build at-home libraries and supports the idea that reading begins in infancy.  As stated by

The search for a new Chatham County Superintendent began in mid January when Dr. Jordan announced his resignation to pursue a career with the N.C. Department of Public Instruction. He valiantly served our community as superintendent for almost 8 years. The interim superintendent, Dr. Bridges was sworn in on January