Strategic Plan

The Chatham Education Foundation believes that great organizations are continuously improving. As we move forward to support our schools, teachers and students, we will do so with an open mind, a dedication to education equity and by building advocates for public schools in North Carolina.  Our strategic goals: 

-K-12 Literacy: Enhance available resources and public will to increase literacy proficiency in Chatham County Schools students. We will do this as the co-lead of Chatham Reads, by putting books into the hands and homes of low-income students and by adding strategic resources to the Chatham County Schools (kindergarten readiness camp).

-Teacher Effectiveness: Increase the number of classrooms with engaging resources. We support this goal through our Creative Teaching Grants.

– Advocacy: Increase the knowledge base of our Chatham community on relevant public education needs in North Carolina. This will ensure our students are given adequate resources by the State.

-Innovations: We seek to fund innovative district resources not currently available in the local school budget. By piloting innovation, we can deliver a proof of concept and show a return on investment for specific programs/resources. We then request the county and/or school district to add the proven program/resource to their budget to support this innovation in perpetuity.

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