What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a common question to children and one that some adults still cannot answer. Although, the sooner the planning starts, the more exploration of different occupations can happen. Below is a recommended timeline per grade. 8th grade: -Consider high

We are beginning the new school year just as we left the last one, with at-home learning. Although, this may not be ideal for some families, we must make the best of the situation and help our children to be successful during these unprecedented times. Following are some tips to


Every year, the Chatham Education Foundation’s Books on Break program brings excitement, joy, and memories to children and adults, alike! It is a very heartwarming experience. The program is essentially a free book fair for students in some of our most economically disadvantaged schools in Chatham County. Depending upon their

Since the COVID-19 pandemic closed schools across the nation and we are unsure of what the next school year will bring, we need to support our children and families  in every way possible to help prevent even more damage caused by this pandemic. I think we have all heard of

For most of us, the old saying, “You don’t know what you have until it is gone,” rings so true right now. During these unprecedented times, nearly 300 million students worldwide have been displaced from school. Parents and guardians have now essentially become the teacher. Personally, I have never been