Educational Subscription Gift Ideas

Can you believe the holiday season is upon us? Are you struggling, once again, on gift ideas for the
children in your life? Why not give the gift that keeps on giving? Educational subscription boxes!
Subscription boxes will not only keep the children entertained but will also educate and allow them to
be creative, month after month.

The following 10 boxes were reviewed by The Good Housekeeping Institute. When I was growing up, my
mom always said if there was a Good Housekeeping seal on a product, it was a proven, quality product.
This seal has gained considerable trust with consumers throughout the years. There is a wide range of
options: baking and cooking with recipes from around the world, fun inclusive books for ages 0-14+,
packages with developmentally appropriate toys and craft subscriptions that take DIYing to a new level.

  1. Amazon Prime Book Box: Each box comes with either four board books or two hardcover books,
    and Amazon estimates you’ll save 40% on the books’ list price with the service. Starts at $16.99
    per month. Ages: 0-12
  2. STEM Club Toy Subscription: Amazon’s STEM club curates science, engineering, technology, and
    math toys based on your child’s age and ships them right to your door. Starts at $25 per box.
    Ages: 3-13
  3. KiwiCo: Subscribe to this box, and you’ll receive developmentally appropriate STEAM-themed
    boxes each month. Toddlers can do activities like mixing colors and identifying shapes, then
    move all the way up to teens that can take on projects like building their own ukulele. There’s
    even a box geared towards babies 0 to 24 months old. Starts at $18.50 per month. Ages: 0+
  4. Universal Yums: Explore different cultures the right way — through snacks. Each box come
    stuffed with sweet and salty goodies from a different country every month, and you also get a
    12-page booklet with trivia and recipes. Starts at $15 per box. Ages: No ages specified
  5. KidPik: These clothing boxes offer 7 stylish garments to choose from, with no styling fee. They
    are also all KidPik brand, no third-party brand. Boxes vary in price. Ages: 1-16
  6. Pipsticks: With Pipsticks, kids will receive a new pack of stickers that come in all shapes, sizes
    and fun designs every month. Starts at $12 per month. Ages: 3+
  7. A Kids Book About: A Kids Book About deals with topics of climate change, systemic racism,
    body image and more, making these topics easier for children to understand. Every month,
    subscribers can receive up to three books with different subjects from a diverse group of
    authors. Starts at $16 per month. Ages: 5-9
  8. R&T Crew: If your little ones are obsessed with all things cars and trucks, R&T CREW (the Road &
    Track car club for kids) is the box for them. Every other month, a themed box arrives with car-
    inspired activities, wearables, and a special members-only R&T CREW magazine. Starts at $34
    per box. Ages: 6-10
  9. Lovevery: You can subscribe to Lovevery’s “Play Kits” starting from birth. Then, once every two
    or three months (depending on your child’s age), you’ll receive a box with new toys that are
    backed by scientific research and ready to engage their developing brains. Each kit comes with a
    guide that walks you through the different ways to play and explains how it matches up with
    how your kid is growing. Starts at $80 per box. Ages: 0-4
  10. KidStir Cooking Kit: This cooking activity box makes their kitchen creations edible with easy-to-
    follow recipes, kid-size tools and a printed shopping list. Starts at $24 per month. Ages: 5-10

There are many other options that can be found at:
Take the stress out of shopping this year and provide them with fun activities that you can be done
either alone or together. Enjoy making new memories this holiday season.

Article by: Jaime Detzi

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