Summer Engagement Opportunities

Now that we are a few weeks into summer break, do you feel like the days are starting to become repetitive? Are your children bored and have nothing to do…they are tired of doing the same thing every day? And we are not even halfway through the summer…Yikes!

With the effects of the pandemic significantly impacting our children, we need now, more than ever to keep them engaged over the summer. Chatham County Schools’ have provided numerous opportunities for the students over the summer. These opportunities can be found at

Outside of what the school offers, I have found several free virtual summer camps. These camps will help the children socialize with others and remain engaged with learning to help prevent the summer learning loss. Summer Camp Hub has provided the following free virtual summer camps:

Camp Wonderopolis:

“Camp Wonderopolis is one of the most highly regarded digital summer camps on the planet that is entirely free. Parents and children will find a wide variety of fun and engaging summer camp activities to take part in when they dive headfirst into Camp Wonderopolis.”

Virtual 4-H Camp:

“Virtual 4-H Camp helps families experience the typical summer camp experience indoors. You can find all sorts of the usual camp activities like arts & crafts, cooking projects, STEM learning programs, and much more.”

Varsity Tutors Virtual Camp:

“Varsity Tutors offers week-long interactive summer camps to keep your child’s mind active. They have quite a few options, so depending on your child’s interest, it is easy to find something suitable for them.”

Maker Summer Camp:

“Makers Summer Camp focuses on hands-on learning for children. It’s a project focused camp where your child builds things based on their interests. With a focus on science, technology, and art, it brings multiple disciplines together.”

Students can also utilize the free resources provided by Khan Academy, explore nature, prepare a meal, perform a science experiment, volunteer for local nonprofits or elderly neighbors, and get lost in an adventure by reading. The Chatham Education Foundation has also compiled a list of resources to use:

Enjoy your summer and make memories!  Remember to stay engaged!

Article by: Jaime Detzi

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