Meet Mrs. Doty, Principal of Perry Harrison Elementary

Mrs. Amy Doty is the new principal at Perry Harrison Elementary. She grew up in England and came to the United States for college. She began her teaching career as an ESL teacher at an elementary school in Durham. She taught in the classroom for many years before deciding to pursue her Master’s in Education Leadership at UNC – Chapel Hill. After graduating, she was an assistant principal at both an elementary and a middle school.

One of a principal’s most important roles is ensuring that every student is taught effectively and efficiently. They make certain that instruction time and resources are focused on student achievement. Mrs. Doty considers her most important contribution to Perry Harrison’s daily operations is supporting both the students and teachers to ensure that their days are productive. This can be as complex as a team meeting to discuss a problem of practice or by simply cleaning a table in the cafeteria. Either way, it all contributes to a successful school day.

On most days, you can find Mrs. Doty in the classroom. This helps her to understand the strengths and needs of both the students and teachers; offering support according to each need. It also fosters the trust and understanding in building these new relationships. This is vital for all!

The top three areas that Mrs. Doty plans to focus on this year are as follows: “creating a positive, safe learning environment for both students and teachers through growth mindset. Supporting teachers in providing differentiated instruction to support both our fragile learners and those that need more challenge. Lastly, incorporating digital learning so that it is an integral part of daily instruction.”

Mrs. Doty considers she and her husband’s greatest accomplishment to be their twin daughters who are in the 7th grade. They are very proud of how hard-working, kind, and empathetic they are.

Now, the interesting facts about Principal Doty. Her mom was her 3rd grade teacher and her dad was her high school principal! She loves any type of Italian food. Her favorite team is the Tarheels!

Welcome, Mrs. Doty! We appreciate your enthusiasm and look forward to the future at Perry Harrison!

Article by: Sarah Linkhorn

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