Teacher Scholarships

The Chatham Education Foundation is aware that an effective teacher has successful students. We are therefore committed to providing resources to allow our teachers to continue to grow, even though the NC State budget cut all State professional development funding leaving the burden fully on the counties to support.

Why provide teacher scholarships?

  • CEF takes the approach that by helping teachers succeed, maintaining and increasing retention, and limiting the number of long-term substitutes or open teaching positions we are providing opportunities for sustainable, strong and consistent classrooms.
  • In a study by Bill Sanders of the University of Tennessee he states “learning gains realized by students during a year in the classroom of an effective teacher were sustained over later years and were compounded by additional years with effective teachers”.
  • In addition, with teacher pay in NC ranked 47th in the country, providing additional benefits to teachers, outside of salary is also imperative to retention and recruitment.
  • Hattie, J. (2009) states that 30% of student achievement is the impact of the teacher, only behind student ability.

CEF Teacher Scholarships
1. CEF Instructional Assistant Scholarships
2. CEF Lateral Entry Teaching Scholarships
3. CEF Current Teacher Scholarships (Professional Development)

**Application opening at the end of August 2016

Let us together stand behind and with our teachers to provide them the support