Ever Blooming Gardens of Hope

How Wheelchair Accessible Gardens are Bringing Students Together

Marguerite Fields, of Jordan Matthews High School, is one of our grant recipients who used the funds generously contributed by our donors to purchase a handicap accessible Rolling Garden Kit for her the school.  This was a multi-class project.  The carpentry students put the cart together and the Agri-Science class worked with the special needs classroom to plant fruits, vegetables and flowers.  A true collaboration.


How have the students reacted to the garden kit and gardening in general?

The students are working very close together on this project. They have gained a lot more appreciation and humbling attitude by working with each other. The special needs classroom students were happy, laughing and enjoying the experience.

What unexpected effect has occurred because of this project?

This experience has taught the plant science process by using hands on activities and cooperation of both classrooms to learn the objectives taught in each curriculum. From seed planting to harvesting and eating.


How would you evaluate that this project is successful? Are you seeing evidence of that already?

The success has already been seen if you could see the joy and laughter of the students during the day we planted. This experience would bring tears to your eyes. It made this project very special.

What benefits do both classes of kids get from interacting and doing projects together?

The benefits are ongoing each time we get together. The final benefit will be our taco party that will will have in June to celebrate our harvest and enjoy the success of our garden of hope.

Article by: Jaime Detzi

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