CEF Awarded an Arthur Carlsen Fund Grant

Creative Teaching Grants in Chatham County

The Chatham Education Foundation (CEF) is honored by the generosity of the Arthur Carlsen Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation. The Arthur Carlsen Fund awarded CEF $10,000 to support Creative Teaching Grants in the Fall of 2015.

Due to shrinking statewide public school budgets, classroom teachers are not able to fund many projects that will enhance the learning and/or spark for learning that the children need and deserve. These grants, selected and awarded by CEF, provide teachers an opportunity to bring something different, or outside the box to the classroom.

Examples of projects funded in the past include:

Flipping the Classroom. This project supported economically disadvantaged students so they can participate in video based homework assignments. Students are able to check out iPods with pre-loaded instructional videos and therefore spend more time in class with practical, hands-on activities.

Exploring Renewable Energy with Legos. Lego Education Renewable Energy Kits will allow 8th grade students to explore the mechanical and/or chemical efficiency of solar, wind and water powers.

Supporting our teachers is a main charge of the Chatham Education Foundation. Teachers in the top 20% of performance generate five to six more months of student learning each year than low performing teachers (www.ed.gov).

Forming partnerships with local business and foundations only improves the quality and innovative education opportunities provided to students in Chatham County Schools.

For more information about how you can support CEF, please visit ChathamEducationFoundation.org or contact Jaime Detzi at Jaime@cefmail.org

About CEF

The Chatham Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the Chatham County Schools with educational experiences and teacher professional development, otherwise unattainable in the current school budget. CEF’s programs are made possible by generous donations from local residents, businesses, Chatham County School employees, neighborhood campaigns, and sponsors and participants in CEF special events. Please visit https://www.chathameducationfoundation.org/ for more information.

About the Arthur Carlsen Fund

The Arthur Carlsen Fund has supported Chatham County nonprofit organizations with funding since 2008. In that time, more than $1 million has been distributed throughout the community for direct human services, the arts, food security, education and more.

For more information about this topic, please contact Jaime Detzi by calling 919.578-1631, or e-mail Jaime at Jaime@CEFmail.org.

Article by: Jaime Detzi

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