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Each year the Chatham Education Foundation awards grants for both Creative Teaching Projects and PTA partnered project opportunities.  We had a innovative group of projects to choose from this year, 2014-2015, and the award selection was difficult.  Below are the projects CEF is proud to fund this school year.

Recent CEF Creative Teaching OR PTA Matching Grants (2014)

A Young Peoples History of the United States

School:  Chatham Middle

Lead Teachers:  Kevin Bishop and Wes Templin

Description:  This project will purchase two classroom sets of highly engaging books called, “A Young Peoples History of the United States”.   This books are specially targeted towards low-income, minority students and the teachers have created a study guide to go along with this project.

Flipping the Classroom

School:  Chatham Middle

Lead Teachers:  Mary Margaret Dark and Marsha O’Hare

Description:  The materials for this project will support economically disadvantaged students so they can participate in video based homework assignments. Students will be able to check out iPods with pre-loaded instructional videos and spend more time in class with practical, hands-on activities.

Positive Character Traits, Greek Myths and Mosaics

School:  Horton Middle

Lead Teachers:  Linda Collura, Robin Wagner and John Kowal

Description:   CEF will fund the books for this project that provides students with a inter-disciplinary learning approach to Greek myths and character traits. The final outcome will be an outside, painted mosaic to increase school beautification and curriculum awareness.

The Little Prince

School:  Jordan-Matthews High School

Lead Teacher:  Sabrina Beasley

Description:  The funds for this project will purchase the book “The Little Prince”, which is an inspiring, uplifting and complex tale of love and friendship. Students will use their analysis skills, study the characters and create presentations which demonstrate their application.

Ever Blooming Gardens of Hope

School:  Jordan-Matthews High School

Lead Teachers:  Marguerite Fields and Heather Cox

Description:  The purchase of a rolling garden cart, will allow students with disabilities to experience horticulture.   In addition, it will provide the disabled students opportunity for positive relationships with regular education students. 

Robo Jets Let’s Go

School:  Jordan-Matthews High School

Lead Teachers:  Justin Harper, Sandra Castonguay and Lisa Knight

Description:  These funds support the JM FIRST Robotics Team. FIRST Robotics offers a unique opportunity for students that promotes skills in science, math, engineering and technology in a real-world engineering competition.

CCS: Bringing the Good News To You

School:  Northwood High School

Lead Teachers:  Lori Carlin, Neal Morgan and Adam Perry

Description:  In conjunction with the District public relations department, journalism and technical theater students will work together to produce a series of informational segments about the school district. Once completed, the segments will appear on the district website as a way to enhance our public engagement.

I want to be a Curator or Gallery Director

School:  Northwood High School

Lead Teachers:  Leslie Burwell and Adam Perry

Description:  Students in this project will learn to hang and curate a professional student show. A professional display system will allow students to easily fold up the display when school is in session or move to different areas.

STEM Book and Activity a Week

School:  Perry Harrison Elementary

Lead Teachers:  Kimberly Boyer and Stephanie Sevelovitz

Description: Using STEM based picture books, 4th graders will then complete a STEM activity. Books may provide information as to STEM careers but also show students about innovators and inventions from the US and other countries. 

Exploring Renewable Energy with Legos

School:  Margaret Pollard Middle School

Lead Teachers:  James Hall and Holly Ward

Description:  Lego Education Renewable Energy Kits will allow 8th grade students to explore the mechanical and/or chemical efficiency of solar, wind and water powers.

Biotechology Explorers

School:  SAGE Academy

Lead Teacher:  Beth Vaughn

Description:  This project will bring real world applications to the classroom in the area of biotechnology . Through a product called Genes in a Bottle student will actually be able to see their own DNA and take it home with them.

First Grade to the Moon and Beyond

School:  Virginia Cross Elementary

Lead Teachers:  Wendy Cabler, Heidi Hayes, and Heidi Gaines

Description:  First grade students will take a figurative trip to outer space to explore our solar system and how the earth, moon and sun interact. This will be brought to the students by the UNC Morehead Portable Planetarium program.  


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