COVID Emergency Relief Budget

$17.4 Million…that is the COVID-19 relief funds that Chatham County Schools’ (CCS) received from the Elementary & Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) fund. This funding will be used over the next few years.

Chatham County Schools’ values the stakeholders’ input and offered a few ways for them to participate in a survey. After receiving feedback from the community, the top five areas of concern were as notated:

-Learning Loss and Summer Programs


-Safety and PPE Needs

-Mental Health Supports

-Counselors, Social Workers and Nurses

CCS relief plan budget covered four major areas: extended learning, human capital, health and safety, and professional development and innovation. The following are some of the Direct School Supports that will be funded:

-Summer Learning Programs

-Hot Spots & Service for Students 

-Mental Health Contracted Services for Students

-Virtual Academy Stand Alone Program

-3 New Social Worker Positions

The newly funded positions are funded for 3 years and the one-time purchases for two years. 

The following are some of the Indirect School Supports that will be funded:

-HVAC/Facilities improvements

-Professional Development

-PPE Needs

-Executive Director of Equity Position

-K-8 Literacy Instructional Program Facilitator

The full presentation can be found on the Board of Education website under the June 7, 2021 meeting. 

The effects of COVID will be around for years to come; however, with this funding, the Chatham County Schools’ will have the funding to provide adequate interventions to prevent any further loss to the students for the next two to three years.

Article by: Jaime Detzi

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