The relaxing days of summer break will soon be coming to an end. The thought of beginning anew school year can be overwhelming, which can bring about feelings of anxiety and stress.This can be caused by a variety of reasons: change of routines, concern with making newfriends, will they like

The pandemic affected almost every aspect of our lives as we knew it. We have all learned how to adapt and pivot in most situations. Unfortunately, our young learners who were/are in their formative years of learning how to communicate and read will be impacted for years to come. According

Yay! Summer Break is here! Now, what can you do to keep your children engaged and not constantly asking for you to keep them entertained?  It is imperative that children remain engaged over the summer. If they do not, they will fall victim to the inevitable “summer slide.” Children stop

FREE?!?! Who doesn’t love free? But free college…wouldn’t that be a dream come true? Well, it is true! Right here in Chatham County! It is called the Chatham County Promise. “Central Carolina Works (CCW) is a collaboration between the three local education agencies served by Central Carolina Community College; the

CEF Board and staff deplore actions that are racist and discriminatory as harmful to the well-being of all of our students and to the community. CEF fully supports the district’s commitment “to dismantling racism and other negative influences that affect our school community.” We take seriously the district’s pledge to

Reading is fundamental to the success of all students. It is the most critical academic skill because it sets the foundation for all learning. Without a strong foundation in reading, children can be left behind at the beginning of their education.  According to Nationwide Children’s, “Language and literacy develop together

The Chatham Education Foundation’s (CEF) mission is to engage our community as public school advocates and to raise funds and resources to support innovation and education excellence in the Chatham County Schools. In our continued efforts to accomplish our mission, we are pleased to announce that we awarded almost $10,000