Seaforth High School

Seaforth High School

For most of us, being able to watch the progress of the new Chatham County elementary school, Chatham Grove Elementary, is exciting and full of anticipation. There has been significant progress on the site in the last few months. The construction work and traffic has become a new norm for those around Briar Chapel and the surrounding neighborhoods.

There is, however, another Chatham County school that is also being built right now. Although, it is not something that most of us see every day and may be ‘out of sight and out of mind’, the construction of Seaforth High School is still making progress.

Seaforth High School is being built on a 75 acre site off Seaforth Road. This 213,000 sf facility is on track to open in January 2021. It will initially accommodate 1200 students, but there is a planned addition that will raise the student capacity to 1400.

The overall project costs estimate, which include; site acquisition, construction costs, furniture and equipment, design fees, construction testing fees, project contingency and finance costs, comes in at $70,685,936.00.

Seaforth High School is on track to meet LEED Silver Certification, EnergyStar Certification requirements, and Duke Energy’s Efficiency Design Assistance Program. It will also meet the NCDPI program requirements: 30 academic classrooms, 9 science classrooms/labs, 2 self-contained, exceptional education classrooms, a complete athletic complex and cultural arts complex, and a career technical education and business/service classrooms/labs.

Chatham County Schools have long since been known for their focus on education and student success. We are thankful to be adding a new, state-of-the-art high school to continue focusing on producing successful, future community leaders.

Article by: Jaime Detzi

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