NC School Letter Grades – What do they mean?

Just The Facts…

Did you know…..on February 5,, 2015 the state of North Carolina will release a letter grade (A, B, C, D or F) for all traditional public and charter schools in the state of North Carolina.

NC has always had an accountability factor for schools since 1996, and all data can be found here.

What are the grades based on? The school letter grades will be based on two factors. Student performance accounts for 80% of the grade. This component is impacted by how many students in that school tested at or above grade-level performance standards. The second is student growth and is 20% of the grade. This shows how much academic growth students have displayed in the past year.

CEF’s Position ….

Here at CEF we find it difficult to believe a school’s ability to educate can be wrapped up tightly into one letter grade. Evaluate all aspects of your child’s school including your own child’s growth in the past academic year. All schools in our county should, and will, be held accountable for student learning, but how we evaluate that accountability is what needs to be addressed.

Schools across the State are outraged at the formula used to create these letter grades, and many have written to the legislature asking for a change in the formula. Some of the best teachers work with the students that are most behind. Given the above formula, their hard work with student growth will not shine through.

As we approach the release of these letter grades, we urge you to take caution. Evaluate your school using a number of factors, and do not rely solely on this one grade.

Please see this article for more details.

Article by: Jaime Detzi

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