Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” This is a commonly asked question to children that usually elicits a cute response. Yet, some adults still do not know the answer to this question. Unless you have found a passion early in life, it is hard to know what career field to choose.

To help students get experience in different career fields, Chatham County Schools’ have partnered with area businesses to offer internship opportunities. There are a variety of employers and skill sets to choose from including: Jordan Lake Recreations, Perry Harrison Elementary School, Pollard Middle School, Dogwood Veterinary Hospital, YMCA, Pittsboro Feed, and Yanders Landscaping, to name a few.

To apply for an internship, the following requirements must be met:
-Students must have completed at least one Career Technical Education course in any of the program areas
-Must be a junior or senior
-Must be 16 years old
-Must have their own transportation
-Must complete 135 hours of work (paid or unpaid)

Students must complete the required paperwork for the employer-student agreement, document their hours of work and complete a weekly journal prompt. Their employers must sign their paperwork and it must be turned in weekly.

DeLisa Cohen, Northwood High School’s Career Development Coordinator, implements ongoing activities throughout the Career Technical Education (CTE) courses to help students prepare for their future. Some of these activities include resume writing, personal statements, and mock interviews. Mrs. Cohen was proud to inform CEF that they had almost 90 students this school year who participated in the CTE Internships. She stated, “Our program helps students gain real world work experience and helps them make connections within our community. It is also an opportunity for students to balance schoolwork and a part-time job. They learn about dress codes, punctuality, work ethic, and communication skills. They may decide that they no longer want to pursue a career that they once thought was their dream job. CTE Internships are a win/win for both the community and our students.”

We are thankful for these partnerships within our community to help the students find a career path that they are passionate about. It is very unfortunate as an adult, if you get up every day and get ready for a job, that you don’t enjoy. Happiness is not determined by your job, but since you spend most of your day there, it certainly affects your outlook. Find a career path you love and set goals until you achieve them and land your dream job! It is never too early, or too late, to start planning!

Article by: Jaime Detzi

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