Flipping the Classroom – How one teacher’s innovation impacts students

Flipping the Classroom
How one teacher’s innovation impacts students

We sat down with Marsha O’Hare from Chatham Middle School to ask her how receiving one of the Chatham Education Foundation grants has impacted her classroom. Marsha wanted to implement a new teaching style into her classroom “flipping” traditional lecture time and homework. Students research the material at home using textbooks, podcasts, or video lectures to gain an understanding of basic ideas and then class time is spent applying that knowledge with worksheets, projects, and activities. This allows teachers more one-on-one time with individual students.

This project was geared towards disadvantaged youth in your school.  Have you been able to see an improvement in the students’ scores or interest in the subject matter using the flipped classroom philosophy?

My science students anecdotally show improved interest.  Most of my students are excited any time they have an opportunity to use technology in the classroom.

How are you using the flipped classroom in your science class?  Do you use the technology frequently?  

I currently flip about one lesson per month.  I plan to pick up the pace as I continue to learn more about the “flipping” process, and how to successfully implement lessons into our curriculum.

How have the students reacted to the change in format?

Student feedback has been positive.  Prior to attempting a flipped lesson, many students voiced concern that the homework would take a long time to complete.  After having completed several lessons, most students prefer flipped homework to traditional homework.  Students find that they are able to complete flipped homework independently, and that they do not have the added stress of completing problems that they do not understand.

CEF Impact

Your support will impact one student and teacher at a time.  This is just one small example of how your funds are supporting the students and teachers of Chatham County Schools.  Thank you for your continued support of public education.

Article by: Jaime Detzi

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