Determined. Motivated. Independent. Do these adjectives describe your child? This is the type of student that would excel at the Chatham School of Science and Engineering (CSSE). CSSE is an early college high school right here in Chatham County. It is located in Siler City. It is a bold approach,

The Chatham Education Foundation (CEF) is pleased to announce that we awarded over $13,600 in grants to the teachers and staff of the Chatham County Schools. That is over $2000 more than was awarded last year! CEF received 25 submissions totaling over $36,000. Grants were awarded in the following categories:

FREE?!?! Who doesn’t love free? But free college…wouldn’t that be a dream come true? Well, it is true! Right here in Chatham County! It is called the Chatham County Promise. The Chatham County Commissioners voted in December 2018 to pass the Chatham County Promise, an agreement with Central Carolina Community

Is your senior year in full swing? Are you trying to juggle classes, sports, college applications, work, and a social life? You are so close! You have now completed over 75% of your high school career and the light is shining at the end of your high school tunnel. Does

Internship Opportunities “What do you want to be when you grow up?” This is a commonly asked question to children that usually elicits a cute response. Yet, some adults still do not know the answer to this question. Unless you have found a passion early in life, it is hard

Over 100 rising kindergarteners attended the Chatham County Schools OnTrack Kindergarten Readiness Camp funded by the Chatham Education Foundation.  This was the second year of the camp, and it was OUTSTANDING! A full report is available below, but to summarize outcomes: 79% of the students grew in literacy 78% of

When beginning a teaching career, one may have nervous excitement about the possibilities, but also feel quite overwhelmed by the magnitude of their job. The first year is difficult. Everything is new and different. They may not feel adequately prepared for the responsibilities that they are tasked with. According to

Procrastination or preparation? When planning for the future, preparation should be the answer. High school is a great time to start setting the groundwork for your future endeavors, whether it is planning for a career after graduation or attending a college or university. Knowing what type of career field you

Often, the word summer conjures up images of hot, sunny days that are filled with the laughter of children playing at the park. The days of sitting in the classroom and the material learned are often forgotten, for the time being. Unfortunately, this has a significant impact on children’s educational