CEF Board and Staff Statement

We condemn all instances of discrimination and brutality perpetrated against members of our community and stand in solidarity against the continuation of systemic racism in our country. 

We acknowledge that racism is present in all of the institutions that were created to serve the lofty promise of justice toward all and malice towards none, including education, health care, and protective and social services. It perpetuates and worsens the conditions that limit access to opportunity and results in an uneven playing field, causing hurt and harm and in the most egregious cases death, not only of dreams but of lives. 

The Chatham Education Foundation acknowledges our responsibility to ALL students and we promise to renew and strengthen our commitment to support actions and allocations that address racism and which advance equity in our schools and community.

We will continue our support of equity in education through:

-Continuing to prioritize our involvement in the Chatham County Schools’ Equity and Excellence for Everyone community team

-Continuing  to provide racially diverse books through our Books on Break program

-Continuing to attend and pursue educational opportunities for our staff and board on equity in education

-Continuing to provide funds to our school media centers to purchase racially diverse materials that represent the students in our schools

-Continuing to partner with organizations that also see equity in education as a priority

-Increasing racial diversity on our Board and

-Promoting frank conversations among the Board, students, staff, and the community about race, equity and safe communities

We leave you with a verse from the poem, On Liberty and Slavery, by George Moses Horton, who is the namesake of Horton Middle School in Pittsboro and is considered one of the most significant slave-era poets in American history.

How long have I in bondage lain,

And languished to be free!

Alas! and must I still complain—

Deprived of liberty.

— George Moses Horton 

CEF believes that through unity we can turn hope into action and action into a reality reflective of Mr. Horton’s vision.  

CEF Board and Staff